Ceremony Music

Many brides (and I say brides because let’s face it guys, the bride’s usually have the final say when it comes to making wedding decisions) opt to have live musicians play during the ceremony. While this is a great added touch, it can often add a significant expense to your overall music budget. If you have your heart set on having live music played during your ceremony,  here are some ways to save money and still be happy with the outcome.

1) Instead of using a string section, find out if the band has a keyboardist that can play string patches on his keyboard. While it may not be as visually pleasing, many of todays string samples sound incredibly realistic.

2) See if the band’s guitarist will play acoustic guitar and have the band’s vocalist accompany him.

3) Find out if anyone in the band plays another instrument, such as violin or cello. This will remove the need to bring an outside musician just for the ceremony.

Until next time, happy wedding planning!

Wedding Do’s & Don’ts

Having played many weddings over the last several years, I have come to appreciate these special events and the work that goes into them. Because weddings are generally
once-in-a- lifetime events for a large majority of individuals, it is understandable that they would often need some guidance when planning their big day. I have recently found some great articles that address the all important “Do’s and Don’ts” to be considered for the big event. I hope they are helpful. Enjoy!