Spotlight on Olde Town Club in Marietta, GA

The Square One Band thinks this place is pretty hip! It is spacious enough to have a large wedding with numerous guests, but b/c it has a variety of structures and facilities on the property, an intimate wedding can be held there as well. One of the better venues in the East Cobb area of Greater Atlanta and conveniently located off of I-75. Check them out here.

The First Dances…Oh Me Oh My!

First dances (Bride/Groom, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son) really are an important part of the wedding experience because a) They are going to remembered by those involved for a long time and b) they are generally the official kick off to the party! That being said, here is a great forum which discusses first song options. Hope it is helpful!

How to Spot a Wedding Crasher

I, like most people, probably liked the movie “The Wedding Crashers” and thought it was hilarious. But, in real life, I think most people (especially those footing the bill), would not think it was too funny if their wedding was crashed. With that, here are a few articles which look at ways to spot the elusive wedding crasher.
Article One
Article Two
Article Three

10 Resolutions for the Newly Engaged

The New Year has arrived, and with it a whole bunch of recently engaged couples. Here is a great article that looks at ten resolutions that will make both you and your fiancée happier when it comes to your wedding day!

Avoid the Rain!!

With a new year approaching, many recently engaged couples will be scrambling to put their wedding plans in order. The Square One Band has unfortunately played at many outdoor weddings that were for all intents and purposes ruined because of inclement weather and poor preparation. Before you make that final decision on where and when you want your special day to be, it may be wise to check out average weather conditions for any locations you may be considering. The Weather Channel has a a great site that looks at average weather trends based on location. Of course, no one can guarantee a picture-perfect day for your wedding, but it always helps to play the odds!

You can find the Weather Channel’s site here.