The First Dances…Oh Me Oh My!

First dances (Bride/Groom, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son) really are an important part of the wedding experience because a) They are going to remembered by those involved for a long time and b) they are generally the official kick off to the party! That being said, here is a great forum which discusses first song options. Hope it is helpful!

Reduce your Wedding Stress

I have to admit that more often than not, when playing at a wedding I often say to myself “I am glad this is not my wedding”, b/c I know how stressful it can be, from remembering my own wedding. And I know it is generally much harder on the bride! With that, I found a great article which looks at “de-stressing” techniques when dealing with the big day. I hope you find it helpful.

Square One Band plays Classic Center in Athens, GA

The Square One Band had a great time playing a Christmas party in Athens this last weekend, with a large attendance and some festive partygoers. The band was able to keep the crowd rocking through the night, and even did a few encores for the late-nighters! If you haven’t been to the Classic Center in Athens, it’s a pretty hip place with a lot of options for entertaining. Check it out here.

Square One Band at the South Carolina Musueum for USC Function

The band had the pleasure of performing in Columbia, SC at the State Museum last weekend for a rambunctious Sorority Parent Function. Great crowd, and a pleasure to perform for these gracious hosts. A few blurry shots, but I guess better than nothing!

Square One Band in Atlanta

The band got to stay off the road this last weekend and had a great time playing a beautiful wedding in Atlanta. Great clients, lots of festivities and partying into the night! I was only able to get a few pre-show shots, but figured it would be worth posting them regardless. Enjoy!