Square One Band plays Classic Center in Athens, GA

The Square One Band had a great time playing a Christmas party in Athens this last weekend, with a large attendance and some festive partygoers. The band was able to keep the crowd rocking through the night, and even did a few encores for the late-nighters! If you haven’t been to the Classic Center in Athens, it’s a pretty hip place with a lot of options for entertaining. Check it out here.

Square One in Charleston, South Carolina

Square One was back in one of its favorite cities this last week, Charleston, SC. Fortunately, the weather behaved for the evening as the wedding was partially indoors and outdoors. The client and their guests were great and seemed to really enjoy the band. Here are some photos from the event.

Square One Band in Atlanta

The band had a great time recently playing for a wonder couple on their very special wedding day. Their photographer, from top-notch outfit Bayless Photography, Inc.,  provided us with some fabulous pictures. I could tell the photographer went out of her way to get some great shots, and really worked well with the crowd. Highly recommended!


Square One Band at the South Carolina Musueum for USC Function

The band had the pleasure of performing in Columbia, SC at the State Museum last weekend for a rambunctious Sorority Parent Function. Great crowd, and a pleasure to perform for these gracious hosts. A few blurry shots, but I guess better than nothing!

Square One Band in Atlanta

The band had the pleasure of performing at Cator-Woolford Gardens in their beautiful atrium. This is the third time the band has played there, and the first in the atrium. The bride and groom were great, and so were there guests. Working with Jenny from It Takes Two event planners is always excellent, as well. Pics to come shortly!

A Rainy Night in Georgia

The band was on the coast this weekend, and it was a stormy one! Fortunately, the tent did its job and kept the gear and the guests (mostly) dry. Because of the constant change of plans due to the weather, I wasn’t able to focus on getting good pics with my camera, but I took a few with my phone. If it’s true about it being good luck for a couple for it to rain on their wedding day, then this bride and groom should be together for a long time!