Square One Band in Alabama

The band played in a town we don’t get too very often, Mobile, Alabama. Although it was a bit of a haul, the crowd’s enthusiasm during our set made it well worth the effort! The weather held out during most of the trip down, although it rained a bit during our load out, which is never fun. Regardless, it was a successful trip for the Square One Band, and we look forward to going back to Mobile next Summer when another show is planned there. Until next time!

Choosing the Right Music for Your Wedding

Square One recently performed at a wedding where the groom asked for specific “no so well know” songs/artists to be played during the reception. The results were what we expected. While the groom and a few members of the wedding party enjoyed the songs, the majority of the guests did not. They stayed off the dance floor, had some strange looks for the band, and all-in-all, seemed apathetic to any type of celebratory mood.

After a brief band huddle between sets, the band decided to start the second set with what we knew would work. Sure enough, the guests’ moods quickly turned from reserved to raucaus, and the groom was very happy to see that his wedding night would be remembered as a great evening of fun!

Point being,  a wedding is about having FUN.  So, although there may be songs or artists that you are really fond of, those same songs or artists might not be exactly what is needed to create  an exciting party-like atmosphere for your guests. “Standard wedding songs” are usually standard for a reason; people like to hear them!

Thanks for listening!

Avoiding Wedding Day Nightmares!

Because it is so easy to get everwhelmed as your big day approaches, I thought it might be appropriate to look at some potentially  overlooked wedding day scenarios.  This helpful article is a great reminder of some of the many things to look out for and avoid!


And remember, one way to avoid having an entertainment nightmare is to hire The Square One Band for all you musical needs!

Picking the Right Music for Your Wedding

I recently came across the website listed below, which discusses music choices for weddings. I know it is sometimes difficult to choose the right first dance song, the father-daughter dance song etc, for your event. Ultimately, it is up to the individuals choice and not what the masses think.  However, I think the link below will provide you with some helpful hints on picking the right music.


Remember, if you don’t see a song on our songlist that you would like to have played for one of your dances, let us know and we will make every effort to learn it!

Chateau Elan

Images from ALMS Championship Awards Ceremony and Afterglow Party gig at Chateau Elan.  This was a great corporate event / party — everyone loved the 80′s music magic.

Weddings in Asheville, N.C.

The Square One Band often has the privilege of playing wedding receptions in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  As there are many locations to choose from when planning your event,  I thought this link might be helpful in making your choice for the perfect wedding location.  It includes all the top spots  for wedding events,  some of which we have had the pleasure of performing at;  hope it helps!